If you, a family member, or a friend has a medical condition like diabetes, are allergic to a particular food, have hypertension, or heart disease, don’t wait until a medical emergency occurs to get a medical ID.

Why settle for traditional medical ID when you can have something classy and elegant?

LIFETAG Medical ID is the innovator and inventor of the LIFETAG Stick-On Medical ID!

If you have a medical condition and don’t want to advertise it to the world, LIFETAG Medical ID has the products for you.

From car decals to key chains, shoe tags to stick-ons and an assortment of fashionable and attractive jewelry, our products can alert the medics in an emergency situation.

Our LIFETAG Medical ID products include medical IDs for the following conditions: Allergic, Alert, Asthma, Alzheimers, Coumadin, Diabetes, Dialysis, Do Not Resuscitate, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Food Allergy, Heart, Hemophiliac, Hypertension, Insulin Pump, Latex Allergy, Left Lymphedema, L/R Lymphedema, Medication, No MRI, Organ Donor, Pacemaker, Peanut Allergy, Penicillin Allergy, Right Lymphedema, Seizures and Transplant.

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